Flying Fish Swim Academy

About Flying Fish Swim Academy

Flying Fish Swim Academy is the first collective endeavor by the Bond family. Flying Fish will proudly serve Dripping Springs, Austin and the surrounding Hill Country communities.

Aaron Bond grew up in Austin. He has taught swim lessons and coached swim teams for 25 years. Aaron brings his extensive background in managing aquatic programs and pairs it with his talent for teaching. Aaron excels in connecting with children and communicating with parents.

Rod Bond has 40 years of experience in finance and management. Rod provides the entrepreneurial vision to lead this growing young company.

Cheryl Bond brings her talent and eye for colors and proportions to the interior design of the Flying Fish Swim Academy. Her attention to detail will be felt throughout your experience at our stunning new swim center.

Our Staff

Aaron will hand pick each of his teachers with an experienced eye for individuals that have an ability to connect and bring out the best in children. Flying Fish will staff talented and patient teachers that inspire trust and joy as they teach your children to swim.

Aaron will train his staff in a curriculum he uniquely designed.

Why We Do What We Do

Learning is challenging, and, especially in learning to swim, sometimes very scary. We teach that you can trust in others to help you, to understand you. We inspire and bring out the best in our children, and then reflect their best back to them. Children not only learn to swim, they learn to trust, in themselves and in the world around them, they learn to try their best, they learn that their best is rewarded unconditionally.

Children begin to learn what makes them uniquely special. For a 3 year old, this is often the first time that they are put into a learning environment without their parents. It is one of the first times that they will be challenged to learn a skill alongside their peers. It will be one of the first times that their success in accomplishing a goal will be under scrutiny. As a teacher I give them everything I have to learn the skills necessary to swim. As a teacher I realize the most important thing I can bring out of our children is their laughter, their smiles, their stories. I never waver on the goal, learn to swim, but they are beginning the discovery of who they are, and this discovery is what they learn to apply to achieve success.

This discovery is what will help lead them to happiness and success in life. I believe this. The parents believe this. This discovery is what the parents rave about, what the children spend all week, till their next lesson, talking about to whomever will listen. The dedication to this objective is why we are more than a swim school, this is why we are a Swim Academy.

Aaron Bond
Owner and Operator
Flying Fish Swim Academy LLC.