Flying Fish Swim Academy

Our Facility

  • A 65 x 25 ft. pool is kept at a warm 90 degrees and supplemented with commercial UV (ultraviolet) purification.
  • Showers are provided both on deck and in our changing area.
  • Our changing area is accessible from the pool and kept warm for your children after their lesson. We provide 4 private family restrooms, 8 private changing rooms, suit dryer and benches.
  • Our cool, dry observation area has windows that span the length of our pool and provides individual seating for parents to closely watch their children.
  • Our observation area provides workstation tables with electrical outlets, USB ports and Wi-Fi for busy parents.
  • We have a large dedicated children's play area with books, puzzles and games.
  • There is a convenient on-site swim shop.
  • We have a welcoming front porch that extends to our tree grove. Enjoy a beautiful day before your lesson begins!

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